The Colonel Conrad Society

A legacy gift is one certain way of assuring the strength of the Nichols College mission and supporting the future generations of its students.

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The Colonel Conrad Legacy Society

Henri M. David, Jr. '64
The Colonel Conrad Society was created to recognize the generosity of alumni and friends who have made a planned gift to the College or have included Nichols in their wills. No matter what charitable vehicle is used - will, trust, life or retirement plan beneficiary designation, or life-income gift such as a charitable gift annuity or charitable remainder trust - individuals who have remembered Nichols in their estate plans are providing for the future of Nichols and the generations of business leaders we educate. A planned gift links your legacy with that of Nichols forever.

Henri David Jr. '64 is the chair of the Conrad Society, serving as an ambassador to encourage alumni to think of Nichols when updating their estate plans. With David's background in financial planning, he appreciates how different gift vehicles can help charitable organizations and donors accomplish both of their goals of being generous and preserving income. And in addition to being the chair of the society, David has led by example through the provisions he has made for the College in his will. Read David's donor story. Nichols College is fortunate to have several other alumni and friends who have promised support to the College through generous planned gifts, making them members of the Colonel Conrad Society.

Like David, many donors find that a planned gift is one of the more personal and effective ways donors can make a difference to Nichols College. Planned gifts (called such because they are not made from annual income, but through a carefully planned will, insurance plan or life-income plan) often enable a donor to give more generously than they would be able to through annual giving. There are tax-advantageous options and gifts that provide an income stream to donors as well. The advancement staff of Nichols College welcomes the opportunity to discuss your options for giving.

Membership in the Conrad Society is entirely voluntary, and there is no minimum gift level or minimum age required to become a member. Simply notify the Office of Advancement of your gift intentions so that we can warmly welcome you and include you in this special recognition society. For more information, please visit the Nichols College Planned Giving Web site. You may also contact the Office of Advancement at 866-622-4766 or by email.

The Colonel Conrad Legacy Society

Anonymous (2)
Mr. Norris G. Abbott III '51*
Richard H. Bauzenberger '69
Robert E. Beckwith '64
David G. Bedard '86
Ellen J. Bedard '87
Mr. George P. Belba '62*
Mrs. Alice C. Belden '85 MBA'92
Mrs. Jane Birkhead
Mr. Oliver W. Birkhead Jr. '42*
Mr. Richard A. Blankley '65
Mr. Edward G. Brodeur '53
Mr. Robert A. Bullard '52
Mr. Raymond M. Burnham
Mr. Eugene P. Cenci '63
Mr. Donald E. Chalmers '59*
Mr. William S. Cleary '63
Mr. Frederick P. Currier*
Mr. Bradley M. Damon '71
Mr. Henri M. David Jr.'64 DBA (Hon.) '09
Mr. John H. Davis '72
James L. Dunbar '51
Mr. Gerald Fels '66
Mr. Alfred R. Fishel '41*
Mr. William D. Fowler '49
Mr. Matthew R. Fox '01
Mr. John L. Gaylord '61*
Mr. William H. Gunther Jr. '43
Mr. Robert R. Gurnett '34*
Mr. David G. Hale '75
John M. Harrison '68
Richard Hilliard
Mr. John M. Hills '69
Mr. Charles N. Howe '62
Mrs. Mary Jane Ingraham*
Mr. B. Everett Jones '56*
Mr. David B. Jones '67
Mr. Herbert F.W. Kaupe '43*
Mr. Robert H. Kime '65
Mr. Robert B. Kuppenheimer '69
Mr. Donald A. MacQuarrie '69
Mr. Duncan M McInnes '57*
Mr. Lee A. McNelly '69
Mr. Frank Mickel '70
Thomas H. Niles '63
Mr. Ronald P. Noyes '65*
Mr. Alan S. Peppel MBA '98
Mr. Rudolph C. Planeta Jr. '54*
Mr. Martin J. Power '78
Mr. Michel J. Runyon '67
Rabbi Richard I. Schachet '56*
Mr. Stearns H. Smalley '34*
Mr. Bruce E. Splaine '69
Mr. Robert A. Stewart '48*
Mr. Davies Tainter Jr. '54
Robert L. Therrien '63
James D. Wagner '59
Mr. Paul E. Zimmerman '62